Def Leppard Animal Long Sleeve Merch Tee - Lemon Tonic

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Color: Lemon Tonic

Def Leppard proved that even after a four-year wait for a new album, their fan base was still eager to embrace the group’s legendary sound. A well-recognized triumph for the band, the ‘Hysteria’ album reached no. 1 on both the US and UK charts and went on to sell over 20 million copies worldwide. This long sleeve merch tee is a classic revisit of the album and its corresponding Hysteria Tour featuring a rendition of the original artwork. Designed with their iconic leopard mascot breaking through as a shoutout to the first single release off the album, “Animal.” The tour marked a significant milestone in the band’s career by showcasing their rise to international stardom. With pretty tragic events for the band taking place both before and after this album’s release, its success is a classic reminder to enjoy the good times and to never be pulled apart during inevitable hard times.

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